No Filipino hero of his time was as photographed as Jose Rizal.

Each photograph reveals facets of his personality and sheds light on the relationships that were very much a part of who Rizal was.

One of these photos is a group photo in Paris from the 1880's that shows Rizal wearing a mischievous half-smile. Could it be because he was foolishly in love with someone in the picture?

But he would soon break her heart and have his own broken too.

Also in the picture is Rizal's best friends' sister Paz Pardo de Tavera, who would soon meet a tragic end at the hands of another of Rizal's illustrious amigos.

The picture captures the short-lived joy in Rizal's happy-go-lucky life in Paris , before he himself would descend into a chain of sad events.

There is more to every photo than meets the eye. Join Howie Severino as he discovers the stories behind these photographs on I-Witness this Monday, May 30, at 11:30 pm after Saksi.